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MySafe:Riverside Starts School Education Program

EMT Shavonne Espinoza talks about fire extinguishers at a public school

MySafe:Riverside Starts School Education Program

MySafe:Riverside, the fire and life safety partner of the Riverside City Fire Department, began its elementary school fire education program today. Our curriculum is designed to support the ongoing activities in the classroom, supporting the existing teaching staff and school leadership.

“Today, our team visited Foothill Elementary School, and the kids were terrific,” reported Education Director for MySafe:Riverside, Cameron Barrett. “Each school event will include homework, interactive presentations, and a chance to meet Riverside firefighters.”

Students learn about fire behavior, how to communicate with 911, and how to inspect their home for working smoke alarms an CO detectors. If students need a smoke alarm, MySafe:Riverside will provide one for each student free of charge. Smoke alarms provided via this program are battery operated, but with lithium ten-year batteries.

The first visit is part of a three-part educational process. Students will take home inspection forms as homework. In the second visit, they’ll learn about getting low (under smoke) to escape from their home in the event of a fire. Every student who successfully completes the program will get a chance to meet local Riverside firefighters. In addition, they’ll earn a Jr Fire Inspector ID card.