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MySafe:Riverside Produces New “Pull to the Right” PSA

City leaders pose for a photograph in front of Riverside Fire Station 1

MySafe:Riverside Produces New “Pull to the Right” PSA

The film unit of the California Fire Prevention Organization joined with Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey, Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore, Riverside Police PIO Ryan Railsback, and AMR Ambulance emergency manager Steve Myers to shoot a public service announcement. The importance of explaining why people need to pull to the right is essential. With hundreds of thousands of emergency calls every year, both police and fire units are often cut off or delayed in their response due to driver’s failing to yield. While some of these individuals may be caught up in conversation or listening to music, others intentionally block the road – an issue that could cost a life.

The most common cause of injury or death for firefighters while on an emergency response is traffic collisions. It’s only after the collision that the party responsible recognizes what they’ve done. The PSA, which includes nifty aerial shots as well as in-vehicle response shots explains the importance of pulling to the right. Allowing emergency vehicles to safety navigate roads and highways in Riverside will save lives.

One of the important contributions CalFire Prevention can make via MySafe:Riverside is our film team,” David Barrett, Executive Officer of CalFire Prevention noted during the shoot. “Engaging with the public is an important part of building awareness and resilience, and it is rewarding to see how closely the various agencies in Riverside work together. It’s something everyone in the city should be proud of.”

The PSA, once completed, will be available via the Riverside Fire Department website and other outlets in Riverside.

The California Fire Prevention film team is noted for its award winning productions and community engagement throughout the State of California. California Fire Prevention is a non-profit organization that partners with fire agencies across the State to deliver fire and life safety education, training, and support. Learn more at