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Teaching Older Adults Fire Safety

Teaching Older Adults Fire Safety

MySafe:Riverside participated in teaching older adults fire safety this past October 11, 2017. The event, at the Janet Goeske Foundation was well attended, and the interest in learning how to escape a wildfire, to practice that plan, and how to speak with a 911 call taker were on their minds.

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MySafe:Riverside Medic Christopher Kerbrat was joined by one of our Directors, William Whitney for a lively 3 hour event. Older Adults received GO bags – escape oriented bags that include a fire safety brochure, whistle, flashlight, 7-day pill box and other materials. An Interactive presentation highlighted the best practices for surviving a fire in a home or apartment. Key components related to one of the most common types of fires in the home: kitchen fires. Learning how to suppress a kitchen fire was fascinating for the audience, and good questions were asked relative to suppression, calling 911, and the use of fire extinguishers (or alternatives, like baking soda).

Older adults are nearly three times more likely to die than younger people in structure fires, so sharing this life saving information is an essential opportunity to assist older adults in their homes or apartments.

The Fifty and Better Health Fair is an annual event in the City of Riverside, and is attended by a growing number of people every year. With a focus on overall health, it’s one of the cornerstone outreach events for the year. This was MySafe:Riverside’s second year participating, and as always, we give Goeske an A+ for the effort that put into the event.