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La Granada Elementary School’s Junior Fire Inspectors

Students watch a fire safety film created by MySafe:Riverside

La Granada Elementary School’s Junior Fire Inspectors

We’d like to introduce you to Riverside City‘s La Granada Elementary School’s Junior Fire Inspectors. This group of dedicated 4th and 5th grade students have just completed a three part fire and life safety educational series. Produced and delivered by MySafe:Riverside (a unit of the California Fire Prevention Organization), the training consists of interactive presentations, take home inspection forms, FREE smoke alarms, and roll playing wherein students practice what they’ve learned.

Students from City of Riverside with their free smoke alarms from MySafe:Riverside.

MySafe:Riverside Paramedic Christopher Kerbrat headed up the program for La Granada Elementary School. “It’s rewarding to teach young people at this age. They’re full of energy, and they really want to learn, so it’s a win win for everyone.” Upon completing the three part series, students get to meet local Riverside City Firefighters. “Meeting firefighters caps the program off,” says David Barrett, Executive Officer for MySafe:Riverside. “Creating a better bond between firefighters and students is an essential part of this program, but we also want to respect firefighter’s time – they’re busy. So, our organization manages all of the logistics, program delivery, and analysis.”

Another important component of the program is FREE smoke alarms. “Any student who finds their home doesn’t have working smoke alarms can request one from our public safety officers at no charge,” Commander Barrett remarked. “Riverside is a growing and evolving community, and ensuring public safety is just one more thing that will create a friendly environment for new residents and businesses.”

During the course of the coming school year, MySafe:Riverside will be visiting a number of Riverside Elementary Schools, teaching students how to create an escape plan, how to practice it with their family, the importance of working smoke alarms and CO detectors, and how to speak to a 911 call taker.