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The Riverside Wildfire Alliance


MySafe:Riverside is delivering wildfire education and awareness to homeowners and residents in Riverside County. Let’s be better prepared for wildfires. 

Be Part of the Wildfire Solution

MySafe:Riverside works with homeowners and residents – people just like you – to share preparation and survival tactics in wildfires. We teach you and your community by building confidence and reducing risks. We help Homeowner’s Associations become NFPA Firewise USA sites and California Fire Safe Councils.


We prepare residents to be “Wildfire Ready”.

Join the Riverside Wildfire Alliance!


We help first responders engage with the community.

We teach agencies about their wildfire risk.


We capture data and study metrics.

We maintain a database of wildfire-ready leaders in your community!

The Riverside Wildfire Alliance

The Riverside Wildfire Alliance provides education to Riverside County residents living the the high-risk Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). We teach Ready, Set, Go preparation, home hardening techniques, and route planning for evacuations. Most importantly, we link you to others in your community who are making wildfire preparedness a priority.

What Residents Will Learn

  • How to create your own wildfire safety committee
  • CPR
  • Customized evacuation plans and practices
  • How and when to shelter in place
  • Your roles and responsibilities during a wildfire disaster
  • Ready, Set, Go
  • Best safety tools
  • How to avoid bad practices
  • How to create an NFPA Firewise USA Site
  • How to become a California Fire Safe Council

The Threat is Real​

Most people don’t believe they will lose their home – or their life – as a result of a wildfire. Getting burned over is something that happens elsewhere. 

At some point, a wildfire breaks out – terrain or wind-driven, and without proper preparation, their home is damaged or destroyed. “I can’t believe this happened to me,” is a common refrain. 

Wildfire season is now year round. 

According to a recent report from the First Street Foundation, Riverside County has the most properties at risk of being burned in a wildfire in the entire United States. That means more than 700,000 properties are at risk.

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