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We will publish meeting notices, press releases, and articles of interest in this section. Please stop by and visit every few weeks for the latest news. 

MySafe:Riverside Announces Wildfire Town Hall

MySafe:Riverside, the County Coordinator for Wildfire in Riverside County has announced the first of a monthly series of virtual town halls to engage residents within the County on important issues related to wildfire. “Our parent organization, The Safe Community Project, has been very successful with virtual wildfire town halls, so

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Wildfire Insurance Options May Improve

The past few years have seen multiple insurance carriers either stop offering new wildfire policies, or leave the State of California entirely. A combination of losses and requirements established by California Proposition 103 (1988) which allowed the State Insurance Commissioner to reject proposed rate increases and other refunds to consumers.

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Corona’s Wildfire Excellence

The City of Corona Fire Department is leading the charge relative to wildfire mitigation in Riverside County. Clearly, many fire departments and community groups are actively engaged in wildfire risk reduction – including MySafe:Riverside. With Corona Fire Marshal Cindi Schmitz managing the overall effort, a number of outstanding actions have been emerging,

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May is Wildfire Awareness Month

Happy May! Most of us are looking forward to Cinco De Mayo, but there’s more to May than fantastic food, music, and family and friends – it’s also wildfire awareness month.  MySafe:Riverside encourages you to fill out the online form on our wildfire page so you can become part of

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Benefits of The Wildfire Alliance

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about MySafe:Riverside – and we’re glad you’re asking!!! As we’ve explained early on, our responsibility is to aid at-risk communities from the threat of wildfire. That may include helping an HOA to become a qualified Fire Safe Council – or a Firewise USA

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The California Fire Safe Council

For homeowner’s associations (HOAs) that join the Riverside Wildfire Alliance, one of the key opportunities is to become a recognized California Fire Safe Council. This is a different program than the NFPA’s Firewise USA initiative. Key to this initiative is the creation of multiple fire safe councils in vulnerable communities throughout

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Meet the Team

Our efforts in Riverside County are designed to not only assist homeowners with wildfire resilience, but to convey our commitment to local awareness and experience. Our Riverside Wildfire Alliance team is exactly that – local and experienced. Meet our team: William Whitney – Bill is a Director for The Safe Community

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The NFPA Firewise USA Initiative

The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA, is an informational and policy driven organization that helps develop standards related to public safety, fire, and other disasters. Within the organization’s various initiatives is the Firewise USA program. It’s a national effort to help residents prepare their homes, and to reap various benefits when doing so.  To

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Creating a Wildfire Alliance

One of the key components of the MySafe:Riverside initiative is to bring various homeowner groups together – to better understand the risks related to wildfire, and how taking specific actions not only reduces the risk of losing a home, but also increases new opportunities, such as insurance discounts, access to

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Introducing MySafe:Riverside

Welcome to MySafe:Riverside. We’re delighted to announce our newest public safety endeavor – focusing on wildfire mitigation, awareness, and training in the County of Riverside. Did you know that Riverside County is considered the most at-risk county from wildfire in the entire United States? Overall, California is “ground zero” with

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