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Get Set

Before a wildfire tears through your life, it’s important that you and your family are ready for action when the time comes. That means you have to GET SET – to stand by, to evacuate when told to, or to safely shelter in place.

Getting SET is easy!


Have your wildfire plan you’ve created in advance, at the ready!


Have a GO bag for every person in your household, plus each pet, packed in your car, ready to go. Also have your emergency supply kit, stocked, and up to date, at arm’s reach.


Monitor your notifications systems – those communications tools and devices you’ve chosen for emergency notifications in your community.

Wildfire Weather

There is such a thing as wildfire weather. Just like clouds could mean rain, wildfires have plenty of weather warning signs. Low humidity and high winds (NOT necessarily high temperatures) are a recipe for dangerous wildfires. If you add the chance of lightening to that mix, it’s time to prepare for a potential wildfire.

Check the list!

Your checklist is part of your plan. A checklist for what to have in your kit. A list of what to pack in the car in case you have to evacuate. A list of evacuation routes. Make sure those lists are at the ready!

House, Vehicle, Family, Pets

Here are some basic steps to get you ready.
  • Gather your emergency GO kit contents and related supplies
  • Make certain you have pet supplies, a crate, pet food, and pet toys packed in the car
  • Make certain your vehicle is filled with fuel and is parked facing the street
  • Turn on your radio or smart device to local media
  • Monitor your notification channels

Practice, practice, practice

If it turns out there is no threat to you, your family, or your property, all your preparation is not in vain. Consider it valuable practice. Practice is an essential part of any winning formula. Going through the routine of preparing your family, pets, and property this time, means the next time it will be even easier.

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