The Riverside Wildfire Alliance


MySafe:Riverside is delivering wildfire education and awareness to homeowners and residents in Riverside County. Let’s be better prepared for wildfires. 

Be Part of the Wildfire Solution

MySafe:Riverside is working with homeowners and residents – people just like you – to share important preparation and survival tactics related to the threat from wildfires. This new program will build confidence, reduce risk, and prepare Homeowner’s Associations to become either NFPA Firewise USA sites, and/or California Fire Safe Councils. We’re focusing on three key components:


Prepares residents, including homeowner's associations to be "Wildfire Ready" and encourages joining the Riverside Wildfire Alliance.


Engages first responders and other agencies to be better informed about community engagement, as well as current wildfire risks.


We'll capture data/metrics from wildfire activities and support a database of participants, stakeholders, and anyone in the wildfire fight.

The Riverside Wildfire Alliance

The Riverside Wildfire Alliance provides education to Riverside County residents, in multiple types of housing, but all within the at-risk Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). This education covers basics related to Ready, Set, Go, but with localized focus on home hardening, route planning for evacuation (when required) and collaboration of residents to be an important part of the solution relative to the threat from wildfires.
What Residents Will Learn
  • How to create your own wildfire safety committee
  • Why “rebuilding” actually starts before a wildfire occurs
  • Training in CPR, Evacuation, Sheltering in Place, Resilience
  • Roles and Responsibilities (you and first responders)
  • Looking beyond “Ready, Set, Go”
  • The Best tools to secure your family’s safety
  • Avoiding the “worst place” you can be in a wildfire
  • Assisting with developing an NFPA Firewise USA site
  • Assisting with becoming a California Fire Safe Council

Let Us Help You Prepare

It’s easy to become confused about wildfire – there’s so much information and much of it is highly technical. Understanding home hardening, escape planning, sheltering in place vs evacuating, and so much more is essential for anyone living in the Wildland Urban Interface, or WUI. If you’re interested in a collaboration, we’d like to hear from you.

image of firefighter working with building engulfed in flames

The Threat Is Real

Most people don’t believe they will lose their home – or their life – as a result of a wildfire. Getting burned over is something that happens elsewhere. 

At some point, a wildfire breaks out – terrain or wind-driven, and without proper preparation, their home is damaged or destroyed. “I can’t believe this happened to me,” is a common refrain. 

Wildfire season is now year round. 

According to a recent report from the First Street Foundation, Riverside County has the most properties at risk of being burned in a wildfire in the entire United States. That means more than 700,000 properties are at risk.

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