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As our team works to create a more resilient Los Angeles, we’ll post stories, videos, podcasts, and press information here in the MySafe:LA blog. Because we work throughout the Los Angeles region, we gain insight and experience into many different life experiences. Some of them are worth sharing. We hope you enjoy each post.

Those Nasty Yellow Wildflowers

They’re lovely to look at. They grow and spread faster than the wildest weed. They can cover an entire hillside in less than a week.

Corona’s Wildfire Excellence

The City of Corona Fire Department is leading the charge relative to wildfire mitigation in Riverside County. Clearly, many fire departments and community groups are actively engaged

May is Wildfire Awareness Month

Happy May! Most of us are looking forward to Cinco De Mayo, but there’s more to May than fantastic food, music, and family and friends

Benefits of The Wildfire Alliance

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about MySafe:Riverside – and we’re glad you’re asking!!! As we’ve explained early on, our responsibility is to aid

The California Fire Safe Council

For homeowner’s associations (HOAs) that join the Riverside Wildfire Alliance, one of the key opportunities is to become a recognized California Fire Safe Council. This is

Meet the Team

Our efforts in Riverside County are designed to not only assist homeowners with wildfire resilience, but to convey our commitment to local awareness and experience.

The NFPA Firewise USA Initiative

The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA, is an informational and policy driven organization that helps develop standards related to public safety, fire, and other disasters. Within the

Creating a Wildfire Alliance

One of the key components of the MySafe:Riverside initiative is to bring various homeowner groups together – to better understand the risks related to wildfire,

Introducing MySafe:Riverside

Welcome to MySafe:Riverside. We’re delighted to announce our newest public safety endeavor – focusing on wildfire mitigation, awareness, and training in the County of Riverside.

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