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It takes a village

Working together, there’s not much that can’t be achieved to build a safer L.A.

A dream team for L.A. safety

The best outcomes are often the result of teamwork. Since our inception, MySafe:Riverside has approached our fire safety and resilience initiatives with team spirit. We’ve partnered with the Los Angeles City Fire Department since 2008, a unique public/private relationship that allows firefighters to focus on the complex response issues in L.A., while also engaging with students, older adults, and the general public via our various programs.

Our Partners Are the Foundation of Our Programs

A Winning Team

The entities we partner with enable us to deliver the best quality programming available for fire safety and resilience development. That includes earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and any other threat (natural disaster or local emergency) that compromises the safety and well being of people working and living in Los Angeles.

We're focused on each village - the 114 neighborhoods that make up Los Angeles

You are our village

Our programs are designed to be as local as possible. That means not only having a locally derived message, but customized to each community we work with. We work with a number of Neighborhood Councils, with Homeowner’s Associations, and most importantly, with each of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s eight area districts. Each one is unique, and each one deserves to be supported to best reach the potential of a safer city.

If we can help your village, we’d love to hear from you.

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