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Executive Director, Commander

About David Barrett

David Barrett brings more than three decades of senior management experience to The Safe Community Project. Raised in a motion picture household, David has earned nearly 100 awards and honors for film and video production. His projects have taken him around the world, and he continues to work closely with film and media productions. David was the founder of one of the most successful software publishers for the Amiga Computer, including the world-renowned VideoScape 3D, now known as Lightwave 3D. He worked closely with Apple for 28 years, including authoring key media-centric training and white papers for new technologies, as well as working to create a new method of editing film, using personal computers. His work with Apple’s QuickTime, SuperMac, Radius, and Adobe‘s video products helped create a new industry. He remains an active developer with Apple today.

Separately from his technology expertise, David has worked within the fire service for 22 years, including collaborations with the Los Angeles City Fire Department for 19 years. He has developed training materials, web content, videos, developed live drills with firefighters and children, as well as co-founding The Safe Community Project, along with its public safety divisions MySafe:LA and MySafe:Riverside.

His responsibilities with The Safe Community Project include strategic development, creating new programs and relationships, management and performance of grant programs, and collaboration with key partners. His focus is on changing the way people behave relative to public and personal safety. David speaks at multiple events around the country on the topic of fire prevention and disaster resilience.

David graduated from Immaculate Heart College with a Bachelor of Music, and has multiple certificates in incident command, emergency medicine, and media. He is married and lives in Orange County, California, with his wife and two remarkable Labrador Retrievers Walter Scott and Agnes Campbell

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