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The Los Angeles Wildfire Resilience Alliance

A public/private partnership between the Los Angeles City Fire Department and MySafe:Riverside aimed at creating resilience against wildfires.

The Los Angeles Wildfire Resilience Alliance is the halo – or umbrella – over wildfire preparedness in Los Angeles. It combines the efforts related to Ready, Set, Go, the NFPA Firewise USA program, and the California Fire Safe Council (and CalFire) initiative. The objectives of the alliance are simple: 

Building more resilient neighborhoods

Education for the public living in the VHFSZ

Creating metrics that demonstrate progress related to resilience

Reducing the threat to life and property from wildfire

Roles and responsibilities

MySafe:Riverside is the education, awareness, and community risk reduction (CRR) component of the overall wildfire mitigation efforts in Los Angeles. We currently act as the “Wildfire Coordinators” for the California Fire Safe Council (and CalFire), preparing residents in the key objectives set forth above.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department is the brush clearance partner (via their brush clearance unit), the party responsible for AB-38 (home sale) inspections, and the support partner relative to homeowner meetings, threat analysis tours and form completion, and acknowledgement for those residents, via their homeowner’s groups, who become resilient (as a group), qualifying for both the California Fire Safe Council initiative and the NFPA Firewise USA program.

A hybrid approach

Many people ask, “which program should we apply to? Firewise or Fire Safe Council?” Our position is that while each program shares some key factors, they have some significant differences as well. Our shared objective is to help communities to be better prepared against the threat of wildfire, and to that end, reviewing the materials we offer in our COMMUNITY section will be invaluable to your overall progress.

By taking the key components of both the NFPA Firewise USA program and the Fire Safe Council initiative, we can support a group of homeowners to be truly more resilient and qualified for either or both programs, as well as some of the key benefits, including wildfire community grants and insurance discounts. 

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