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Wildfire Safety Assessment

Once your application process is under way for the NFPA’s Firewise USA designation of your group of homes, you may also wish to become a Fire Safe Council in California. The NFPA program is national. The Fire Safe Council is limited to the State.

See the overall benefits below — understand that the most important additional benefit is providing your HOA/POA with multiple opportunities to apply for grants.

While MySafe:Riverside believes the baseline for home fire safety is becoming an NFPA Firewise USA site, for some HOA/POA entities, there are some additional needs or interests. In those cases, becoming a California Fire Safe Council (CFSC) member offers several benefits for individuals, communities, and organizations committed to wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts:

CFSC members may gain access to a wide range of resources, including grants, technical assistance, training programs, and educational materials to support wildfire prevention, mitigation, and preparedness efforts in their communities. CFSC administers various grant programs funded by state and federal agencies, providing financial support for projects aimed at reducing wildfire risk and enhancing community resilience.

CFSC membership facilitates networking and collaboration among individuals, community organizations, fire agencies, government entities, and other stakeholders involved in wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts. Members have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and collaborate on projects to address wildfire risk at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

CFSC offers capacity-building workshops, training sessions, and educational programs to equip members with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively implement wildfire prevention and mitigation strategies in their communities. These training opportunities cover a wide range of topics, including defensible space creation, vegetation management, home hardening, evacuation planning, and community preparedness.

CFSC provides technical assistance, guidance, and support to help members navigate the complexities of wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts, including project planning, grant application processes, regulatory compliance, and community engagement strategies. CFSC staff and regional liaisons offer personalized support and expertise to assist members in achieving their wildfire risk reduction goals.

CFSC recognizes and celebrates the achievements of its members through various recognition programs, awards, and certifications. Members who successfully implement wildfire prevention and mitigation projects may receive recognition for their efforts, enhancing their reputation and credibility within their communities and beyond.

By becoming a CFSC member and actively participating in wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts, individuals, communities, and organizations contribute to enhancing community resilience and safety in the face of wildfire threats. CFSC-supported projects and initiatives help reduce wildfire risk, protect lives and property, and build stronger, more resilient communities statewide.

MySafe:LA is the halo Fire Safe Council for the County of Riverside. That doesn’t preclude any other HOA/POA from likewise becoming a member of the California Fire Safe Council. The most important distinction and value proposition is access to grants. Note that if you have an interest in a grant, but are not a IRS approved non-profit organization, you may speak with MySafe:LA about acting as a “fiscal sponsor” for your group. 

To reach our office to being the process of becoming a California Fire Safe Council site, use one of the following options:

via email

via phone


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