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Creating a Wildfire Alliance

One of the key components of the MySafe:Riverside initiative is to bring various homeowner groups together – to better understand the risks related to wildfire, and how taking specific actions not only reduces the risk of losing a home, but also increases new opportunities, such as insurance discounts, access to grants, and other types of support.

That’s why MySafe:Riverside is developing a Riverside Wildfire Alliance. What is the alliance? We will engage individual homeowner’s associations (HOAs), help them organize themselves specifically for wildfire – with a committee dedicates to wildfire risk mitigation. Once organized, we’ll take them through a wildfire “workbook” and help them establish an ongoing series of organized activities that will help them become qualifies to become either an NFPA Firewise USA site, or a California Fire Safe Council

The net result will be connecting communities so that the overall umbrella effect will be a more resilient Riverside County. 

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