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We teach fire safety

To empower families

Teaching Fire Safety in Schools

Kids are the heartbeat of our fire education initiatives

MySafe:Riverside teaches fourth and fifth grade students about fire safety, and empowers them to become the fire prevention spokesperson for their families.

Since 2008, we’ve taught hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles area students about fire safety, including providing free smoke alarms to those who request them

Taking Fire Safety Messages Home

When kids speak, parents and guardians listen

During our three part (on separate days) Juninor Fire Inspector training program, we teach kids about home fire safety, what hazards to look for, and the importance of working smoke alarms.

Kids learn to “Get Low and Go,” what to say to a 911 emergency call taker, and the importance of including pets in every fire safety plan.

The objective of the training program is not only to educate each student, but to have them take those messages home and in turn, to make everyone better prepared to survive a home fire.

Meeting Firefighters Makes It Real

Completing the training means meeting the school’s first in fire company

Kids love fire engines – and firefighters. As a reward for successfully completing the program, our newly minted Junior Fire Inspectors get to meet their local firefighters. The LAFD is a strong supporter and partner in our educational process, and (time permitting), they love to join us for our Junior Fire Inspector graduation events.

Lets Collaborate

If you’d like to organize scheduling our Junior Fire Inspector program at your school, we’d love to hear from you.

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