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Wildfire Safety Assessment

Our suggestion is that based on your responses, the next step is to meet with our wildfire team to discuss how you can become an NFPA Firewise USA site. Note the various benefits below and how to contact us:

Becoming an NFPA Firewise USA community offers numerous benefits for Homeowner’s Associations, and even a group of non-aligned homeowners committed to wildfire safety and resilience:

Firewise USA communities gain access to a wealth of resources, educational materials, and guidance provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and its partners. These resources include toolkits, guides, webinars, and other materials designed to help communities reduce wildfire risk, create defensible space, and enhance overall resilience.
NOTEMySafe:LA is your go-to support team that can assist you with many of the benefits outlined herein.

Participation in the Firewise USA program encourages community members to actively engage in wildfire preparedness and mitigation efforts. Through educational workshops produced by MySafe:LA, outreach events, and collaborative projects, residents learn about wildfire behavior, mitigation strategies, and the importance of creating defensible space around homes and properties.

Firewise USA communities undergo a comprehensive wildfire risk assessment facilitated by MySafe:LA and our partners, including the Los Angeles City Fire Department. This assessment helps identify specific wildfire hazards and vulnerabilities within the community, informing the development of a tailored action plan to mitigate risks and enhance resilience.

Upon completing the necessary requirements, Firewise USA communities receive official recognition and certification from the NFPA. This recognition demonstrates a community's commitment to wildfire safety and resilience and can enhance its reputation among residents, insurers, and stakeholders. To receive this certification, an online application is required, and MySafe:LA will assist with the development of the application.
NOTEOnce certified, you'll need to re-apply every year, typically in late October, and in so doing, must demonstrate progress on your three year action plan.

In some cases, homeowners in Firewise USA communities may be eligible for insurance discounts or other benefits from insurance providers. By implementing wildfire mitigation measures and participating in the Firewise USA program, homeowners demonstrate proactive efforts to reduce wildfire risk, which insurers may reward with premium discounts or other incentives.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of becoming a Firewise USA community is the reduction of wildfire risk and the protection of lives, property, and natural resources. By implementing wildfire mitigation measures, such as creating defensible space, reducing flammable vegetation, and improving home hardening practices, communities can decrease the likelihood of wildfire-related damage and loss.

Overall, participation in the NFPA Firewise USA program offers Riverside area homeowners  the opportunity to enhance wildfire safety, build resilience, and foster a sense of shared responsibility for protecting against the threat of wildfires. By working together as well as with MySafe:LA and the LAFD Firewise USA communities can better prepare for, take action during, and recover from wildfires. Remember: it’s not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.

To reach our office to being the process of becoming an NFPA Firewise USA site, use one of the following options:

via email

via phone


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