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Introducing MySafe:Riverside

Welcome to MySafe:Riverside. We’re delighted to announce our newest public safety endeavor – focusing on wildfire mitigation, awareness, and training in the County of Riverside.

Did you know that Riverside County is considered the most at-risk county from wildfire in the entire United States? Overall, California is “ground zero” with more than 14% of all homes at risk from wildfire. In Riverside, more than 800,000 homes are in areas where wildfires could impact structural and personal safety.

MySafe:Riverside has been developed to help residents in Riverside County better prepare against the threat of wildfire. This includes learning how to harden their homes, how to create better defensible space around their homes – and what to do in the event of a wildfire. We’re working with local and county fire agencies to collaborate on this important initiative.

MySafe:Riverside is a division of The Safe Community Project, a California non-profit 501c3 public benefit organization. The Safe Community Project has been helping people to be more resilient and safer from multiple types of disasters since 2008. Our Los Angeles division, MySafe:LA has been in operation since March of 2009 and has reached more than 350,000 elementary school students, 105,000 high school students, and tens of thousands of older adults with life saving training and education. Overall, our organization teaches fire safety, CPR (both hands-only and with full certification), earthquake survival, wildfire resilience, and many other topics. 

Please visit us often, as we’ll be providing ongoing information here that could help you be better prepared against wildfire. 

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