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The NFPA Firewise USA Initiative

The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA, is an informational and policy driven organization that helps develop standards related to public safety, fire, and other disasters. Within the organization’s various initiatives is the Firewise USA program. It’s a national effort to help residents prepare their homes, and to reap various benefits when doing so. 

To become a Firewise USA site, a number of steps need to be taken, resulting in not only being recognized as a site by the NFPA, but also opening the door to possible insurance discounts, grants, access to State or Federal programs, as well as additional wildfire training and/or certification.

The MySafe:Riverside Wildfire Alliance is designed to help groups of homeowners to become not only better prepared against the threat of wildfire, but to also qualify more easily as a Firewise USA site. Becoming a Firewise USA site requires ongoing activities and efforts, and there is a history of some sites falling “off the wagon” so to speak – not continuing monthly meetings, community preparedness and so on. MySafe:Riverside will help homeowners to not only qualify as a Firewise USA site, but to maintain their status – potentially even becoming a Firewise USA Site of Excellence. 

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