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Benefits of The Wildfire Alliance

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about MySafe:Riverside – and we’re glad you’re asking!!! As we’ve explained early on, our responsibility is to aid at-risk communities from the threat of wildfire. That may include helping an HOA to become a qualified Fire Safe Council – or a Firewise USA site. But that’s isn’t the only benefit. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why joining the Riverside Wildfire Alliance is important:

  • Options and instruction on home hardening
  • Tips and suggestions about defensible space
  • Weather forecasts and wildfire risk updates
  • Print materials for home and wildfire safety
  • Smoke alarms for homes in need (free)
  • CPR training for alliance members
  • Special guest speakers at events
  • Monthly town hall meetings

Our work is designed to be localized to each HOA and/or community. You do not need to be an HOA to join the alliance, but only entities that operate as HOA entities (NPOs) will qualify for some of the state and/or group recognition. 

For questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

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